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Web 5.0

Hello and welcome to the new ROBO Design web site, version 5.0!

This blog post is not about a new trend, Web 5.0. The title is intended to be funny. :)

What's new and changed:

  • The backend is completely new. Work on this backend was started with the PRO-net web site, and continued with several other sites.
  • The site is now only available in English. Parts of it are in Romanian. This is a "mixed language" site. We no longer have time and interest to maintain the entire site in both languages.
  • All pages have been reorganized and updated. We didn't like our previous web sites for the lack of focus: the ROBO Design studio, or the ROBO Design twins with their works. We've now made it clear: the ROBO Design twins present their works.
  • We've changed the site interface (obviously). Finally, something clean and simple, fast loading pages.
  • Permanent links for those about to rock. :)
  • Users can no longer post comments on this site, as on the old site. Spammers have abused the previous site. Astute visitors of the previous web site already noticed we've disabled the feature of comment posting. The "send me a comment" feature in the blog and in the gallery allows the visitor to quickly and easily send us an email about anything he/she wants.
  • Many of my old blog posts from My Opera have been added into this blog, as a backup. Small cosmetic fixes for some posts.
  • Content Management System. Now Marius can also update the site. For me it's just easier and faster.
  • Throw a party: Internet Explorer was not ignored by us. The site works properly in IE 6 and IE 7. Sadly, getting the site to work took me some time.

To see what's new for Marius, take a look at this blog post. He has lots of new content. Most of my content is new. :)

Make sure you check out the site timeline and the radio dedications (both posted by Marius).

For web developers

Given this site will be visited by some web developer experts and "wanna-bees", I consider necessary to provide some technical details about this web site.

If you will try to validate this site, you are bound to find invalid pages. I don't value validation as much as I did once. This doesn't mean I've given up on web standards, not at all. On the contrary, I've learned that validation is not the only path to a better Web. I will generally try to keep the site valid - closed tags, no presentation markup, etc.

I don't use XHTML. Simple web pages which do use it almost automatically label the authors as "beginners", or at least guys who want to be "cool". I used, and I will continue to use XHTML if needed.

Some pages won't validate "thanks" to the home-grown WYSIWYG editor integrated into the CMS of the site. Given time, I will probably integrate my existing page cleaner script into the CMS. For those who don't know, I have a page cleaner script which fixes tons of problems in pages generated by WYSIWYG editors, Office applications (e.g. OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word). The script is already tested on hundreds of A4 pages of Word documents. The results were quite amazing: very clean documents. More details will probably be posted on this blog.

Another reason for invalid pages is something really simple: some pages do use Web Forms 2. Maybe some HTML 5 as well.


Last, but not least, we'd like to thank Mobius Solutions for hosting this web site.

Thanks for stopping by and for visiting our web site. Expect more updates.

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are greatly appreciated!