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My work

All coding done by me, unless stated otherwise. All web site interfaces are done by Marius, unless stated otherwise.

Make sure you also check out my projects and my curriculum vitae.


06/2009 - 08/2009: Google Summer of Code 2009 for Moodle

Over the summer of 2009 I have worked on the development of a paint tool, named PaintWeb, for the purpose of integrating the work into the Moodle virtual learning environment. The goals of the project have been achieved, and now PaintWeb can be used inside Moodle and TinyMCE. For more details, please read the project specification.

Web sites

Most of my work is web development. Here's the list of work projects I've done:

03/2009: International Conference on Computers, Communications and Control

This web site uses my content management system with all its features enabled. The purpose of the site is to present the international academic conference organized by the Agora University.

08/2008: Nicolae Vasilescu Karpen high school web site

Again, this web site uses my content management system with all its features enabled.

01/2008: Web page template for Legacy Energy Solutions

I was assigned to make an HTML+CSS template for this web site, from an interface design I received. The interface was made by someone else, not by my twin brother.

04/2006: MathWeb Search web development

I've developed the web site for this semantic search engine, which allows users to search mathematical formulas on the Internet.

The project involved implementing a PHP client web site which connects to the search application, queries for results, and displays the results. I used CSS for the layout.

Additionally, I have worked on the Perl web crawler script.

05/2007: Henri Coandă high school web site

This is the web site of the high school I attended. The site uses my content management system, full featured.

11/2006 - 02/2007: and

Both sites make use of PHP, mySQL, HTML, XML, and a CSS layout. When released, the pages were valid.


The interfaces for both sites were done by someone else.


This site was made for a local school in Ineu, Arad, Romania. Similar features to the following site.

08/2006: Şcoala Generală nr. 5, Arad, România

This site was made for a local school in Arad, Romania. The site is standards-based, having a CSS layout, with HTML 4.01 Strict markup. The site has a CMS, where pages can be added/edited/deleted, a file manager and a news manager. The news page can also be aggregated (RSS feeds).

06/2006 - 07/2006: CIA 2007

This is the official site of a national contest of applied informatics, in Romania.

The layout is CSS-based. The site has a news module (with RSS feeds), a CMS with: file manager, article editor. The entire structure can be changed from the CMS interface.

Technologies used: PHP, XML, CSS, RSS and HTML.

07/2006: Ioan Şucan home page

This is the site I quickly made for my older brother. He also has the CMS.

06/2006: Radu Filip home page

This is the site I quickly made for a friend. Similarly to the site above, but I also made a guest book, as requested.

02/2006 - 05/2006:

This is a PHP-based web site, which makes use of XML technologies, server-side DOM, HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS. The site is specifically made to be very small, fast loading, using clean markup code. Therefore, the site is standards-based and highly compatible with as many web browsers as possible. PRO-net is a local Internet Service Provider located in Arad, Romania.

We won a national contest of applied informatics with this site. For the contest this site has been vastly improved. I did add a CMS with a file manager, the first version of my WYSIWYG editor (page editor) and a news manager (with RSS feeds). We've also added multi-language support: English and Romanian. Finally, I have introduced Voice interactivity. Based, on this, the aforementioned Voice tutorial was wrote. Read my blog post for further details.

01/2006: Poetry festival

This is a standards-based web site, using PHP, valid HTML and CSS. It's the official site of the Poetry festival organized by the national high-school Moise Nicoară, from Arad, Romania.

11/2004 - 03/2005:

This is a site made for a travel agency in Romania. I have used PHP, mySQL and Flash. When released, the HTML+CSS layout were standards compliant.

Site features:

The interface was designed by someone else.


This is the site of the Platonos team. They offer different open source projects, aimed to provide many benefits to the Java programmers community.

Technical details: the site uses valid HTML 4.01 Strict, CSS 2 and some PHP.


The site offers a healthy way of life based on correct alimentation, positive thinking and sport.

I used PHP, mySQL and some CSS for this site.


This is the official site of Outshine, a rock band from USA. We finished this project in just one week. I used ASP for the dynamic pages.

01/2003 – 05/2003: (now offline)

This web site had its own forum, account system with user profiles, online gallery of songs created by artists, voting poll, search facility, jukebox and news. Technologies I used: PHP, mySQL, and Flash.

02/2002 – 07/2003:,, and

These web sites made use of mySQL and PHP, with some JavaScript and Flash.