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UserJS: ROBO Sticky

ROBO Sticky version 1.0.7

This is a User JavaScript for the Opera 8+ Internet Suite.

This script allows you to add sticky notes to any page. These can be moved, resized, removed, minimised, and configured based on your own liking, and both the title and content can be edited. Any sticky can be set per domain (so it appears on every page on that site) or per page (by default), and can contain XHTML code. When you come back to the same page you'll find all of them in the same place.

This allows you to use your browser like a scrap book, annotating specific parts of the page, keeping reminder notes wherever you want.

The idea and a small part of the code is based on another UserJS named Sticky Notes version 1.3, by Antonio Orlando, which in turn was also based on the original Little Yellow Stickies code by Brian McAllister. Antonio licensed his code with the Creative License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0. I personally didn't like the source code of his UserJS. So, I entirely rewrote it and made it easier to install and use. From a developers point of I also made it easier to update and improve.

See the forum topic on the My Opera community site about this and my blog post.

Special thanks to Mark Wilton-Jones (TarquinWJ) for suggestions, help and testing.


Try the UserJS before you install: double-click anywhere on the page to add a sticky. Known to work with Opera 8.5 and Opera 9 Technical Preview 1.


  1. To enable user JavaScript, use Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options, and select the directory where you will put your User JavaScript files. Opera will load all files in the specified directory whose names end with .js and will use them as User JavaScript files. Learn more about UserJS.
  2. Download the UserJS and save it into your UserJS folder. Pick the language:
  3. Done!

    Notice: I am only responsible for the english and the romanian translations. The other translations may not be syncronized with the latest version. However, I want to thank everyone who contributed with translations for this UserJS.


    To activate the script, simply double click on the page where you want to put the sticky note. Alternatively, you can also use one of these to create a sticky, allowing you to disable the double click feature if you want:

    • Bookmark this link and set a nickname for it. Whenever you want to add a sticky just use Shift+F2 and type the first letters of the nickname, or simply click the bookmark.
    • Drag this custom button to any of your toolbars in Opera: New sticky note
    • If you are a power user, you can also edit your keyboard shortcuts, menus, voice commands and even mouse gestures. Just use the following action:
      Go to page, "javascript:if(window && window.ujs_stickies) void(; else alert('ROBO Sticky UserJS is not installed or this is not a web page.');"


    The script offers a number of options to allow you to:

    • Choose if you want to be able to double click on the page to create a new sticky
    • Choose if you want to single click or double click to edit sticky content
    • Choose if clicking outside the sticky should automatically save your changes
    • Say if you want to be prompted to delete stickies
    • Allow either XHTML or plain text content
    • Say if stickies should always minimised, always maximised, or if each sticky's state should be remembered
    • Automatically minimise and maximise the sticky by double clicking on the title
    • Say if you want pages with the same path but different URL parameters should be treated as the same page, or define a list of parameters that should be ignored (so session IDs do not cause stickies to disappear)
    • Activate turbo-mode - it will not check for window boundaries when moving or resizing, but it will run faster on slow computers
    • Enable or disable the background image
    • Set position and size limits
    • Configure colour schemes, font sizes, and padding
    • Change the text used for the sticky so you can translate it into your own language

    Note: The sticky note information is stored in cookies, and as a result, will be sent to the server each time you request a page. Because of this, I recommend that you do not write sensitive/private/important information in your sticky notes. The cookie spec also restricts the stickies to a total of about 3 KB of data per page.


    To configure the UserJS just open the file with a text editor and edit the first section.

    Tip: To add/remove stickies from multiple domains use the Cookies Manager in Opera and search for cookies starting with 'ujs_sticky_'.


    The same as the original script: Creative License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0.


    1.0 - 2005-10-29

    Initial release.

    1.0.2 - 2005-10-29

    Added on request: Double click the title to minimise/restore the sticky.

    1.0.3 - 2005-10-30

    Added on request: If the sticky has not been edited, don't ask for sticky removal confirmation.

    1.0.4 - 2005-11-01

    Fixed: The UserJS was not working on and other similar sites (which have no window.opera). Now it works. I have removed the warning.

    1.0.5 - 2005-11-01

    Added: romanian, german and spanish translations of the UserJS, including other minor changes.

    1.0.6 - 2005-11-09

    Fixed a bug causing an error with Opera for Linux.

    1.0.7 - 2005-11-15

    Fixed: double-clicking on text in a page no longer causes posting a new sticky. This way, interference with hotclick menu is avoided.


    Added the turkish translation of ROBO Sticky version 1.0.7. Thanks Kaya Unal!


    Added the french translation of ROBO Sticky version 1.0.7. Thanks to Maulkin!