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Linux configuration

Vim 7

I write code and any other text in Vim. It's fast, volatile, configurable and feature-packed.

Download my .vimrc file.

For more details please read the comments provided in the file.

Romanian keyboard layout (xkb)

I don't like to switch keyboard layouts, and I like to write using accents and diacritics, as needed in each language (Romanian, French, German, etc.). The Romanian keyboard layout provided on Linux offers a very nice "compatibility variant" for programmers: basically it's the same as the english one, but holding down the right alt (level 3) key gives you the Romanian special characters.

My purpose was to add more dead keys, and more characters in level 3 (right alt).

Keyboard layout preview

Download my Romanian keyboard layout.

To install the keyboard layout just overwrite the file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ro.

Note: My new layout is compatible with the original layout, meaning I only added new characters and dead keys, without changing the existing ones.

Zsh (shell)

I switched from Bash to Zsh. I found it to be a lot more configurable. For now, my .zshrc file is not a "big deal".

Download my .zshrc file.