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Flash games

Long time ago I liked Flash, so I made two Flash games. All graphics made by Marius.

ROBO Worms version 2 (10/2002)

ROBO Worms v2

This game is based on old snake games. Two game modes: classic and enhanced; music by BOOsTER; configurable grid size and some more.

Download the game (Windows executable, 2.2 MB).

ROBO Invaders (05/2002)

ROBO Invaders

This was a big game for us. It took several months to make it: lots of graphics, lots of code, lots of options.

Music by BOOsTER and L.A.W.

There's a game console where you can enable the cheats menu. Type in the following:

/dcc roboi 
/pls enable master cheats menu, stuff and goodies

Download the game (Windows executable, 8 MB).