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Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake)


I have upgraded to the latest Ubuntu version about a week ago. I have chosen the "alternate" upgrade method: I downloaded the ubuntu-6.06-alternate-i386.iso and mounted the image. I also added the CDROM, as pointed by the Ubuntu Dapper upgrade guide on their wiki. Of course, I also downloaded all the upgrades which are not available on the CD, so I won't have any surprises.


  1. Logout procedure crashed: gnome-session had some problems.
  2. After reboot Xorg failed to start. I found out GLcore module was removed. To my surprise, no nvidia-glx either. Reason: nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings were previously installed. In the new Ubuntu Dapper you are not allowed to install those two packages alongside nvidia-glx. So, the automatic upgrade procedure picked the "best" option: no nvidia driver at all. LOL. I reinstalled the nvidia-glx package and removed nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig. Back in business.
  3. Keyboard preferences were lost. It also lost which keyboard layouts I have, which accessiblity features I have enabled. Not a big deal.
  4. VMWare Workstation 5.5 fails to start with some errors regarding libcairo, libpng and libbonobo. Problem not yet solved. Anyone has some suggestions? I of course recompiled the module for the new kernel. I even tried complete VMware reinstall.
  5. Because of the first problem, it also removed the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, therefore I missed a few new packages (funny). Problem solved.

For unexperienced users these kinds of problems are a real turn off. This has been said before.

Overall, the upgrade was worth it. Congrats guys! I like the updated interface for Gnome, the speed improvements (now I'm back to Gedit instead of Mousepad, hehe), etc.

The new Deskbar applet is very cool, I like it much. However it's unusable due to the fact each time I type an address of a site starting with www. then continuing to .whatever ... the deskbar popup. That's silly and annoying. I've disabled the "web" plugin in the deskbar preferences. I still can't type Therefore, I won't use the deskbar applet. Otherwise I would've liked using it.

That's about all.

Update 2006-06-16: Ubuntu team updated the kernel and many other packages in the repositories. After applying all updates, VMWare works again! Plus the deskbar does no longer show when writing web address. Kudos to the Ubuntu team. :)