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My first tutorial: How to add voice to your site

Hello guys!

Today Opera Software has released a new site: The Opera Developer community site. The purpose is great, and I like major web browsers having their own developer community sites.

As the title of this post announces ... the site already had published my first tutorial :). If you've read my previous blog posts, it's not a big surprise my first tutorial is about voice interactivity. Currently, very few know about VoiceXML, and there are very few tutorials. Most of them reach only the level of "Hello world". Therefore, my tutorial goes much further, by actually telling you how to put voice to use in your site. I didn't write yet-another tutorial about AJAX, XHTML, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript. I wanted something different.

Go ahead and read the tutorial from dev.opera or from my own server (mirror).

Thanks very much to TarquinWJ and Jax. The tutorial has reached the level of maturity you are seeing thanks to both of them. :)

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.