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Three years with Mozilla, and counting

Hello Mozillians!

In early 2010 when I applied for an internship at Mozilla I was anxious. It was a kind of test for what I learned and for the value of the projects I did up until that point. That is when I met my first manager. When I was invited to join the new developer tools team, I was thrilled, excited and really happy that somehow "I did it!". I did it in the sense that "yes! now I can do real work!", and yes, since 2010 I work on things that make a difference. This was, and still is, the job I really wanted to have. Back then, the team was preparing the initial versions of the Web Console and of the Inspector. We released the Web Console in Firefox 4.

In July 2010, when I started to work with the team, I was new to XUL and Gecko-specific APIs for chrome-privileged JavaScript. Since then I learned a lot more about technologies, about what it takes to work in a big project, what it takes to work in a team and I also learned about how managers work. I had no clue about a lot of things, and learning never ends - which is what I really enjoy about the work I am doing.

I had the opportunity to meet the whole team and other colleagues from Mozilla on several occasions - in London, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Francisco and soon in Paris. The people I met, the Mozilla offices and places I have seen, have, in some ways, humbled me about what the future can hold. They were all really great experiences that I did not dream of.

A bit of stats: in three years I fixed approximately 300 bugs and reported ~320 bugs (~210 are fixed already). I worked on the Web Console (I still do), the Inspector, the Computed Style view (in the really early days, in 2010), the Source Editor, the network monitor (the backend for network logging which is shared with the console), the about:home page introduced in Firefox 4 and a bit on Panorama (the tab grouping feature introduced in Firefox 4).

I look forward to continue to work on more cool projects and to work with really great people! The people make Mozilla what it is and they have been really great with me. For everything, big thanks to my colleagues, managers and, actually, friends who work on tools for the open web platform.