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PaintWeb updates

Hello world!

I want to update all of you on the latest happenings around the PaintWeb project.

Now that the summer has ended, I am starting to become busier with studies, but ... I still got the chance to work on some PaintWeb-related stuff. I moved out most of the things I had noted down in the TODO wiki page. These items are now showing in the issues tracker of the project, each being properly categorized, tagged and with more details.

I have also made some clean-up for the project front page, updated existing documentation and I have included some new documentation about web browser bugs affecting PaintWeb, and about Moodle integration.

Martin Langhoff has reviewed the code and published a proposal for merging PaintWeb into the Moodle CVS HEAD (for the Moodle 2 release). In response to further feedback I have made it easier to configure the PaintWeb packaging process, and I published more documentation about this.

Last, but not least, I am beginning to make PaintWeb snapshot builds available for download.

That's about all. Have fun!