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PaintWeb - contributors wanted

PaintWeb is an open-source web-based paint application usable as a component within any other web application. From a technical perspective, the application uses very well known technologies like JavaScript, HTML 5 Canvas and CSS.

Project contributors wanted!

PaintWeb logo

If you are a student with spare time maybe you want to work on a serious project, where you can learn new things, where you can prove your skills. Maybe you thought many times about "cool" projects you could do, but you do not have the resources to just do it, then you might be interested of PaintWeb: you have the chance to break out of routine, to quit working on boring projects which level your skills down - you can work on a project where you advance your skills. You will learn what it takes to start your own project.

If you are a teacher or a professor and you have students passionate about computer science who do not have any practical project, then recommend joining PaintWeb to your students. As a teacher, you can help your students apply their skills while working in an international team, over the Internet without any physical boundaries. Besides these benefits, your students are given the chance to work with some of the newest web technologies, and they will also use source code version control tools like Subversion. The skills your students will develop are essential in IT jobs all over the world.

Why PaintWeb? Because PaintWeb will be integrated into Moodle 2 - the most popular open source virtual learning environment. Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers use Moodle all over the world. There is also a PaintWeb plugin for integration into TinyMCE - one of the most popular open source HTML editor, used by thousands of web sites and applications. Thus, your work counts and makes a difference to many people. If you want to be part of those who make image editing and manipulation possible inside Moodle, inside TinyMCE and many other open source projects, then join this project!

Who can contribute to PaintWeb? You, anyone! Are you a programmer? Then you can work on the JavaScript code, you can implement new features, or you can fix existing bugs. You are not a programmer? Then you can work on the project documentation, tutorials or translations. You think you are not experienced enough? Nothing to worry about, nobody was born expert - you just have to want to learn and you will be guided through the process of learning new things. Does it seem boring to work on a certain aspect of the project? No problem, you pick what and when you work!

What can you do for PaintWeb? You can write documentation or translations into other languages, and you can implement new functionality into PaintWeb as a web developer. You will learn to work in a cross-platform and cross-browser environment, you will become very well acquainted to technologies such as the DOM, HTML 5, Canvas and CSS among others. If you want, you can take a look at the TODO list from the project wiki, and also check the Issues tracker to see what you could do for the project and what features are already planned.

If you want to join this project then get started by sending an email to the mailing list at [email protected], or just contact the project author.  

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