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New hosting

Hello world!

This site was kindly hosted by a company in Bucharest. On 26th of May the company was required to move to a new location. We were not announced and they took no measures for ensuring server uptime. The unfortunate coincidence was that the national Contest of Applied Informatics was held on that specific date. As visitors of this web site know, we host the web site of this contest and the associated forum. Unfortunately, we were not announced that the server will be moved to a new location.

The big problem is that the Internet service provider has not yet installed the connection at the new location. This is why we decided to buy a hosting plan from Dreamhost. So, here we are, on a new server. Big thanks go to Lucian Marin!

For now we were able to only upload our site and the Henri Coandă highschool site. For all the other web sites we have no updated backups and we cannot upload them on the new server. Once we get access to the server in Bucharest, we will make all the web sites available again.

We apologize for any incoveniences the server down time have caused. This is certainly an unfortunate coincidence.