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Google Summer of Code for the Moodle project

Hello everyone!

I have great news this time! I have applied to work for the Moodle project over the summer within the Google Summer of Code program. My project proposal has been accepted. This means that over the summer I will be working on integrating the PaintWeb project into Moodle. Part of this work will also include a complete code reorganization and several important improvements.

Locally I have already started working towards code reorganization and a complete rework of the keyboard shortcuts support inside PaintWeb is ready. This work will become public very soon.

I am really glad to be working with one of the best open-source educational software. The Moodle community has been very nice and they welcomed me warmly. Congratulations to every student who has been accepted this year!

On a related note, Opera Software has published a tutorial I wrote about how you can start developing your own paint tool. The code presented is strongly based on my work for PaintWeb. Another new tutorial is now being prepared for publishing.

Best luck to everybody and stay tuned for more!