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Firefox 10


Mozilla has made the final release of Firefox 10. The developer tools team has worked for over 18 months for what you get to play with - this new release brings a lot of the hard work each team member has put into these tools. I am happy to be one of the people who contributed to this really big release. We always strive for quality and performance. While these tools are now undergoing a lot of work in terms of features and polish, they are already at a point where we can be proud of them.

The Eclipse Orion code editor has gone through great improvements since Firefox 8 and it is now enabled by default. Collaboration with the Orion team has been very successful and we are making great progress. I really enjoy working with them!

Firefox 11 beta features a new Style Editor developer tool that also uses the Orion editor for syntax highlighting. We are also working on a JavaScript debugger for a later Firefox release which is going to use the same editor, with additional features.

Keep your Firefox updated and have fun using our developer tools!