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PaintWeb has a new user interface!

Hello everyone!

PaintWeb logo

Since my previous blog post I have been doing lots of changes under the hood. Lots of them broke PaintWeb badly and made it unusable for about two weeks - sorry for the lack of updates.

Now PaintWeb is back in a better shape and close to being complete. Here's the list of changes:

  • new user interface.
  • some new icons and a new PaintWeb logo.
  • keyboard shortcuts work for all tools and commands properly - no issues like in previous PaintWeb trunk builds.
  • changed the PaintWeb initialization a lot. Now PaintWeb is only available as a JavaScript component/library which can be integrated by Web developers easily in their applications.
  • lots of new API for registering new tools, extensions and commands into PaintWeb.
  • I changed the entrance to PaintWeb. Now users have to load a demo page which has minimal code for integrating PaintWeb.
  • made the Text tool to work in Opera 9+ and Firefox 3.0 as well. Unfortunately, there are some Opera-related bugs in the Text tool - changes might come.
  • rendering shadows works again in browsers which have support for it (Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Safari, Konqueror).
  • changed the selection marquee - now it's a nice dashed border.
  • added the option to crop the image to the size of the current selection.
  • several bug fixes related to editing huge images (say 6000 x 6000 pixels).
  • lots of other bug fixes and minor changes.

With all that I have completed the code reorganization and I have almost completed the implementation of the new GUI. This week I am working on the updated color mixer, after which I will work on the PaintWeb packaging scripts.

Go ahead and test PaintWeb yourself! If you want to see a list of detailed changes, you can read the SVN commit log.

Anyone is welcome to provide me with feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Thank you!

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