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Firefox 4 is out!

Hello everyone!

It is a long time since I last wrote anything in this blog, but today I have a great occasion to write about! Today I am really glad to be part of a great open source project release: the new Firefox 4 from Mozilla is out! Go ahead, download the browser, play with it and use it!

Since July 2010 I have started to work with the new developer tools team. This is the awesome team that brings you the new Web Console tool into Firefox 4. :)

There's a special feeling to making contributions to such big projects that reach hundreds of millions of people. These months I learned a lot of cool technical stuff from the fellow software enthusiasts at Mozilla. I also learned that open source at Mozilla goes beyond putting the Firefox source code on a Mercurial repository, out in the open for everyone. Open source is the way to drive development, manage a project and a company.

Congratulations to the whole Mozilla community for this awesome release!

Update: Yesterday, on the Firefox 4 release day, I found a blog post from a fellow Mozillian titled Proud. I really liked the video he linked. Here it is:

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